New Mall Opens in Cerro

havana-live-mall-cerroHAVANA, 28 August  (Havana Times)  On Saturday August 30th the Puentes Grandes Shopping Plaza opens its doors in Havana.
The government administered stores are located in a restored building in the municipality of Cerro. The complex has departments including a perfume shop, supermarket, hardware and appliance stores, a meat market and cafeteria. 
Surprisingly clothing and shoes are not among the products to be initally offered. All sales will be charged in two currencies: regular domestic currency (CUP) and freely convertible (CUC) at the exchange rate of 25 x 1. The new shopping center occupies an entire city block and has two entrances: one on Puentes Grandes St. for pedestrians and the other on 26th Ave. for customers arriving in cars.In contrast to the new mall, the over a hundred-year-old popular Cuatro Caminos market, also located in Cerro, remains deserted after it closed its doors at the end of January.