New Cuban Customs Tariffs cause “Increase in collection

New Cuban Customs Tariffs cause “Increase in collection

HAVANA, Nov 26. After new regulations from the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP), associated with Cuban Customs, came into force on November 19,the entity has reported an “increase in collection”, just two days after the new rates for productive technical services were implemented.

In this sense, Resolution No.232 of 2023 of the MFP, published in the Official Gazette, imposes new rates in Cuban pesos for charging natural and legal persons for the technical-productive services provided by Customs.

What services are included?: Firstly, non-commercial import and export operations, and secondly, vehicle inspection or the clearance of belongings.

Likewise, it is specified that within the non-commercial dispatch service for natural persons, there is the dispatch of accompanied and unaccompanied luggage of shipments sent by any of the means.

Likewise, “household goods, franchises and others; for which the service fee is applied, in correspondence with the amount of the customs value at the time the operation is carried out,” the Resolution states.

It is important to note that the exemption from customs duties does not exempt the payment of services for non-commercial clearance.

In summary, the main change is that previously a payment for services was established, either for luggage, for a value of 10.00 pesos, something that increased, according to the import made by the person. “As with the message from home, the service provided is charged,” the entity responds.

For example:

Up to 200.00 = 50.00
Greater than 200.00 and up to 500.00 = 100.00
Greater than 500.00 and up to 1000.00 = 200.00
Greater than 1,000.00 and up to 3,000.00 = 300.00
Greater than 3,000.00 and up to 5,000.00 = 400.00
Greater than 5,000.00 and up to 10,000.00 = 500.00
Greater than 10,000.00 = 800.00