NETWORK for ANIMALS “We made Cuba’s dogs a promise

havana-cuba-sleeping-homeless-dog-photo-by-jonathan-clark-kopie-2HAVANA, Dec. 27 Four months ago, I made you a promise to bring what help we could to Cuba’s stray dogs. Daily, they are under threat of horrific mass extermination from the Cuban government.

How proud I am to tell you that on arecent trip, on the wings of your support, we carried in vital supplies. But one trip is not enough.

Nora García Perez President of ANIPLANT, right Brian Davies,

Your help for Cuba’s dogs is still desperately needed. So lacking in resources, so dire the situation, when the owner of a secret dog ‘safe house’ saw the first of our veterinary supplies, she wept with joy. Her dogs, at least, will live.

With your support today, I promise you that we will take the dogs of Cuba more antibiotics, more vaccines, more bandages. Without the safe houses, dogs will be thrown onto trucks and taken to an extermination camp where they are dosed with strychnine, a vicious poison. Death is slow and gruesome. We have to help!

We are doing what we can to shift policy in Cuba. But right now, there is no animal welfare act. Veterinarians labor into the night on their own time, working with a few scalpels and forceps to save, spay, and neuter as many dogs as they can.

Your generous donation fund desperately needed medicines. You will say to the dogs of Cuba and their caretaker heroes: “You are not alone. We are here. We care.”

Please give now. Keep the lifeline going strong for Cuba’s stray dogs who only seek to be loved, and for the heroes who race the clock to save them.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,