Nestlé Receives the Support of Chefs in Cuba

Nestlé Receives the Support of Chefs in CubaHAVANA, Jun 15 (PL) The famous Swiss food company Nestlé receives today the support of the Federation of Culinary Associations of the Republic of Cuba (FACRC), whose chefs see with good eyes a recent recipe book of the firm.

Established in this island since 1908, this weekend it presented at the 1930 Hall of the National Hotel of Cuba an appropriate cookbook for the women of this archipelago, baptized as Maggi Soluciona, and that in its first delivery includes traditional recipes of this country.

With several brochures, they all receive the approval of the FACRC, including that of its president Eddy Fernández, who seeks to recover traditional preparations and to enhance gastronomic tourism.

Personalities of the art and culture of this country were part of the presentation of the recipe book, in a Cooking Show where the actress Blanca Rosa Blanco, the singer Haila and the chef Rachel González participated.

The three personalities cooked, before those present, recipes with the inclusion of Maggi products, branch of Nestlé that has a great attachment to the current cuisine, focused on Cuba to solve problems of scarcity from seasoning cubes and necessary condiments.

Precisely, Fernandez and the representative in Cuba of Nestlé, Manuel Sandoval, opened the ceremony to stimulate knowledge.

The president of the Cuban chefs federation shares the criterion of increasing public presentations and competitions, which put in a better position each day the culinary movement of the country.

On occasion, Fernandez and his team expressed the desire that tourists come to the island in search of their culinary culture, as in Mexico and Peru.

The new cookbook of Maggi has the prologue of Eddy Fernandez, and the sponsorship of the FACRC, grouped in 10 collectible installments with 206 proposals divided into Cuban Tradition, Chicken, Pork, Soups and Creams, Fish, Rice, and Pasta.

They also include Legumes, Egg, and Starters, of which up to the present are the first two. Prepared by experts and with the advice of FACRC, it constitutes an appreciable initiative, the attendees commented.

In addition, they have a digital version (downloadable from, and the consumers can receive the printed edition with a purchase of the products of that name in Cuban establishments.