National trains change departure time

National trains change departure time

HAVANA, Oct. 11. The national trains in Cuba have a new departure schedule from Monday, October 10 in order to make better use of the fleet of active equipment, informed authorities of the sector in the country.The measure influences the national passenger transport trains that travel through the central line of the country, specified in Cuban state media.

Lázaro Llanes, deputy director of the railway company in Holguín, explained that with these modifications, train 16, bound for Havana-Holguín, will be leaving the Cuban capital at 7:30 pm and its arrival time in the other province It must be 11:20 a.m.

The return will be made with departure from the Holguín station at 3:15 pm and the forecast arrival in Havana is for 7:30 am, according to the director.

Llanes stressed that this is not a new itinerary but an ordering of departure times, also carried out with the premise of readjusting other services that surround the work of the Cuban railways, including accommodation and food for crew members.

The decision also aims to extend the hours of inspection and maintenance of the locomotives, which have been in operation for approximately a decade and require greater care and handling by their operators.

This train runs every four days and connects several western, central and eastern Cuban provinces, hence the high demand for it.

The price of the ticket in this means of transport is 114 pesos in the special car and 80 pesos in the regular one, according to a report by Cubadebate.

Rail transport in Cuba is currently going through a difficult time, as specialists in the field in several provinces have recently recognized it.

However, several state press reports highlight the signing of letters of intent between the Chinese company Beijing Fanglian Technology Co. Ltd and the Union of Cuban Railways during the recently concluded International Transport Fair, for the recovery of the Cuban railway infrastructure.

Previously, Russia had agreed with the Greater Antilles several agreements worth more than two billion dollars for the modernization of the railway on the island, but in 2020 the Russian Railways company suspended the project due to economic difficulties. and the quarantine restrictions in Cuba.

The plan provided for the design, repair and modernization of more than a thousand kilometers of railway infrastructure in the Caribbean country. On the other hand, the points signed between the Chinese and Cubans highlight the restoration of railway and locomotive workshops and the importation of parts and pieces of equipment.