Cuba partially restores national bus routes after fuel crisis

HAVANA, Jan.5th  (DDC) The Cuban Government has announced that starting next Thursday, January 10, it will start charging overweight baggage in national buses, according to the official newspaper Granma.

The collection will be made in national currency and will have a progressive rate, at a rate of ten, twenty and up to thirty pesos per extra kilogram. Five extra kilos will cost 50 pesos (two CUC); ten kilos, 150 (six CUC) and 15 kilos, 300 pesos (12 CUC). The maximum allowed is 30 extra kilos, which would cost 900 pesos (36 CUC), much more than the average Cuban salary.

The measure is taken because it is “a claim of the population” and due to the need to “achieve greater discipline and order in transportation,” said Alberto Ramos, general director of the company Omnibus Nacionales.

According to the official, the resolution seeks to facilitate the population the transportation of their luggage when they exceed the weight approved limit. This, as it was not regulated until now, caused discomfort in the clients and illegalities.

Passengers over 12 years old will be allowed to transport 20kg, while minors can only upload with half (10kg) exempt from payment.

Cubans usually travel with a large amount of luggage in this means of transport, the most reliable of those circulating in the country. The enormous shortage of almost everything necessary to live makes a simple trip of vacations to house of relatives in another province suppose to transport from the personal properties to foods.

With the new regulations travelers will have authorization to board the bus up to 30 kilos extra, governed by progressive tariffs. If someone loses the overweight payment ticket, they will have to pay it again in case of transfer.