Music Video Features Collaboration Between Musicians in Havana and Cleveland

Music Video Features Collaboration Between Musicians in Havana and Cleveland

HAVANA, Feb. 15th  Elkarnal Decuba, a rapper who lives and works in Havana, has collaborated with a few Northeast Ohio-based musicians for his new music video for the tune “Que Bonito Es el Amor.”

“This love song is inspired by pride in his African roots but also his experiences of prejudice because of them,” reads a press release about the music video. “He combines his own genre of hip hop with the Afro-Cuban tradition of Rumba as well as American jazz to create a sound that can express the complexity of experiences in modern love while celebrating diversity.”

Ronald y Su Explosion Rumbera recorded the rumba percussion and chorus in Havana at Titanic Studios with Elkarnal. Local jazz artist Jackie Warren recorded her piano parts in Cleveland with producer David Kennedy, of the Tri-C Recording Arts & Technology Program.

The song was mixed and mastered at Titanic Studios but was also sent back to Cleveland for extra production work from Kennedy in order to achieve a “coherent feel in combining the three genres.”

The video itself was directed, filmed and edited in Havana by Andros Barroso. It features Elkarnal Decuba, Ronald y Su Explosion Rumbera as well as two dancers on a rooftop in downtown Havana with an impressive view of its Capitol Building, revealing Havana’s unique character.

Elkarnal is working in collaboration with locally based Julie Hutchison, and despite limitations due to travel restrictions and precautions, the two were able to collaborate on the music video.