Moringa powder plant inaugurated in Pinar del Río

Moringa powder plant inaugurated in Pinar del Río

HAVANA, Aug 20 (ACN) A new moringa powder plant for the Cuban pharmaceutical industry was inaugurated today in Pinar del Río to benefit, mainly,
of pregnant women and the elderly, taking into account the importance of this product for human health.

Located in the Basic Production Unit (UBP) El Pitirre, in the municipality of Los Palacios and belonging to the Research Center for Protein Plants and Products Bionaturales, the factory materializes an idea of Fidel Castro; while it will have medicinal purposes and nutritional supplements.

Manuel Marrero Cruz, attended the opening of the plant, designed to process and obtain 20 tons of powder each year.

It will be able to increase its production rate to 100 tons in line with an international collaboration project that would imply expanding the planting areas and irrigation systems, according to Iván Álvarez Torres, in charge of the plant.

The Cuban Head of Government toured the industry and emphasized the importance of achieving sustainability in moringa plantations in order to guarantee production since it can be an exportable item.

Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, Deputy Prime Minister, insisted on taking care of the sowings to also pay taxes to the pelletized feed plant installed in the UBP and which should begin its implementation in the month of September, with a view to food self-sufficiency for the animal consumption.

In this sense, Julio César Rodríguez Pimentel, director of the UBP, explained that the mini-industry set up there maintains stability in its processing thanks to the different chains and has become a possibility -for example- for guava producers in the area mountainous that often lost it.

In addition, he pointed out that the entity’s milk and egg production contributes to the self-sufficiency of the municipality of Los Palacios.

This is a well-conceived project, but nothing can go wrong in the cycle that begins on earth, pointed out the Cuban Premier.

According to specialists quoted by the Cuban News Agency, moringa provides multiple benefits for human health, since it is a product that contains 46 antioxidant active ingredients, B complex vitamins, folic acid, omega 3, oleic acid, chromium, and zinc.

It stimulates the immune system and performs bacteriostatic and bactericidal action, while effects on Helicobacter Pylori, Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus have been demonstrated.