More than 10 tons of powdered milk from France will arrive in Cuba

More than 10 tons of powdered milk from France will arrive in Cuba

HAVANA, May 31st. Just when we reported that the Congress of Deputies in Spain approved the initiative to send a monthly shipment of powdered milk to Cuba, it was confirmed that a container with 10.4 tons of powdered milk will be donated from France, on behalf of the Cuba Coopération France Association (CubaCoop ).

According to a report from the Prensa Latina agency, the powdered milk was shipped this Wednesday and will arrive in the coming days in the province of Cienfuegos.

Valued at nearly 40,000 euros, the donation should arrive at the end of June, according to Víctor Fernández, president of CubaCoop, who also assures that other charges are planned for other territories such as the Cuban capital.

Fernández spoke and thanked the contribution of the campaign and the contribution of many people with tens of thousands of euros donated: from French citizens, local authorities, public and private companies, foundations, unions and even political forces and solidarity associations.

This campaign remains active to raise more budget, which will be vital in future shipments.

Cuba currently suffers from a deficit in the availability of subsidized milk powder, marked by the deterioration of the economic context, to such an extent that the Díaz-Canel government asked the World Food Program (WFP) for the first time. urgent help to be able to acquire the said product.