More Mercedes for tourist rental in Cuba

HAVANA, May 22 The joint venture MCV Comercial S.A. has reported on Facebook that the number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for tourist rental in Cuba has increased.

Founded in 1995, MCV Comercial S.A., is the Cuban distributor of Daimler AG for its Mercedes Benz brand and MTU Friedrichshafen brand products.

As they have announced, on May 14, MCV Comercial S.A. began a new delivery of cars to REX, the TRANSTUR Group’s Luxury Car Rental Agency, in the Leasing modality without purchase option ”. They explain that from a batch of 50 cars, four Mercedes-Benz C 180 cabriolets and two Mercedes-Benz C 200 saloons were initially delivered, to be incorporated into the luxury category.

In the note, the company communicates that MCV Comercial S.A. and MCV Servicios S.A., will be responsible for maintenance, repairs and a 24-hour emergency service in their network of workshops available throughout Cuba. The incorporation of these vehicles increases the fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars for tourist rental in Cuba.
The statement ensures that “MCV Comercial S.A. and REX join their experiences, efforts and professionalism to offer the product honouring the slogan of the star brand ‘the best or nothing ”. More Mercedes-Benz for tourist rental in Cuba: opinions A follower of the MCV Comercial S.A. publication He commented that “everything is very nice, the problem is that part of that investment should be dedicated to fixing the national highway.”
“If they do not want people to continue to be killed in accidents, the entire destroyed north circuit highway should be rebuilt because it is a good way to shorten the road, take a toll I don’t know, but fix that,” he added.
Some ironized about the novelty with the Mercedes-Benz, taking into account the situation with the entry of tourism to Cuba: “Rex rents some cars to rent and as a lease. In a period where tourism is … go that cars are not enough.
How the accounts receivable are going to grow! ”. Others were incredulous at the news that in reality does not translate into anything significant for their economy: “Not even 2% of the Cuban population living in Cuba can afford to rent a car for a week.” Why don’t you sell some and buy ambulances or repair the ones you have? So much lack of shame! Nor that the normal Cuban could enjoy those luxuries !.
“MCV Comercial S.A. informs on its official Facebook profile that it also sells products from the Mitsubishi FUSO (Japanese), FOTON (Chinese) and RANDON (Brazilian) brands, with which it has representation agreements. The joint venture has a network of MCV Servicios S.A. dealership workshops. throughout Cuba.
These are located in the provinces: Pinar del Río, Havana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camagüey, Holguín (including one in the Moa municipality) and in Santiago de Cuba.