Mitsubishi Corporation ventures into new business with Cuba

Mitsubishi Corporation ventures into new business with Cuba

HAVANA, Aug 3 (PL ) Japan´s Mitsubishi Corporation, one of the largest commercial companies in the country, is exploring new business options with Cuba, a diplomatic note said today.According to the text, in addition to the traditional high-end Cuban coffee trade, the Japanese company evaluates the acquisition of seafood in Cuba and the purchase of honey and its by-products.

On February, representatives of the Japanese group visited in Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos province, located 250 kilometers southeast of Havana, a coffee-processing plant and three farms from different coffee producers with an interest in high-quality micro-lots.

The Cuban ambassador Miguel Ramírez informed the recently appointed Director of the Mitsubishi Corporation in Havana, Yamasaki Junichiro, about measures implemented in Cuba to recover strategic sectors of its economy affected by Covid-19.

According to the report, Ramírez also told Yamasaki that Cuba places human health as the main social objective and allocates significant resources to fight the pandemic.

The Cuban diplomat highlighted the island´s breakthrough in the process of society computerization and referred to the establishment of the Technology Park at the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), a stage where foreign companies can carry out research in various fields.