Meteorite that Hit Cuba Had the Energy of 1,400 Tons of TNT
HAVANA, Feb. 6th (PL) The meteorite that hit Cuba last Friday in the western province of Pinar del Rio released an energy equivalent to 1,400 tons of TNT, NASA reported on Tuesday According to the new data published by NASA, the collision was powerful, as its energy was similar to that amount of explosive.

In its report, NASA explains that such events are relatively common and in general occur in the ocean or non-populated areas.

When referring to the explosion over Cuba, the report says that it was one of the most notable balls of fire since the meteorite that hit Chelyabinsk, in Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan, in 2013.

According to the University of Tulane, the meteorite of Chelyabinsk probable was 17-20 meters in diameter; however, the one that hit the town of Viñales, in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, was smaller, approximately the size of pickup truck.

Cuba reported the incident, which did not cause huge material damage or injured people.