Marriott hotel chain leaves Cuba under pressure from Donald Trump

Trump ordered Marriott International to cease Cuba hotel business

HAVANA, Sept. 1st. The US hotel chain Marriott International today abandoned its operations in Cuba due to pressure from the Donald Trump government, reports from the sector in Europe reflect today

The digital newsletter Reportur adds that this abandonment materializes precisely as of this September 1 as an additional element to those already reflected by Washington against Havana, intensified against tourism on the island since June 2019.

Marriott International announced that it is cancelling its operations in Cuba as of this day after the United States government suspended its license to operate hotels on the island.

The company’s Director of Communication for Latin America and the Caribbean, Kerstin Sachl, told the press that they can confirm such news when the Four Points by Sheraton in Havana will no longer be operating.

The United States Department of the Treasury announced to the hotelier last June that it would not allow it to open other hotels that were in the process of being prepared and ordered it to close the Sheraton Four Points in Havana (formerly Hotel Quinta Avenida).

This was the only hotel run by an American company in Cuba.

In 2018, the Donald Trump administration renewed his license to operate hotels in Cuba, but this year he decided to suspend it, reiterates the electronic medium.

The US president undermined the opening of the island promoted by the administration of Barack Obama, under the justification of not supporting the enrichment of the Cuban government, and really as pressure to strengthen the economic restrictions of more than 50 years ago.

Furthermore, the Four Points by Sheraton was the only hotel managed by a US company in Cuba after the approach and lifting of trade restrictions decided by the previous government (of Obama).

Trump gradually dismantled the rapprochement measures that preceded him, insists on the media.

Sachl noted that her chain believes that Cuba is a desired destination for travellers, including Americans, to visit, and expressed hope for a reopening of operations in Cuba if the United States government grants permission to do business there again.