Marina Hemingway Promotes Attractive Nautical Offers

 Marina Hemingway Promotes Attractive Nautical Offers

HAVANA, Oct. 26 (ACN) In the face of the coming tourist season in Cuba, Marina Hemingway promotes a wide portfolio of attractive nautical offerings, including dives, fishing and walks along the coastline of Havana.

Domingo Novo, commercial director of the company, explained to the ACN that the visitor will be able to sail from that Marina to the entrance of the habanera bay, and thus enjoy a unique panoramic view of the capital city.

For this maritime route of about three hours, he specified that they own a boat with capacity for 10 people, and manned by professionals with more than 25 years of experience.
In tune with Dargel Machado, of Public Relations of the company, another tourist product is the yacht rental for bottom and deep sea fishing, an easy way to practice and the most demand among European customers.

He emphasized that it is also possible to do dives at different diving points, where you can observe marine flora and fauna, sunken ships and corals between five and 30 meters deep.

As an excellent opportunity to appreciate from the sea the beauties of Havana, the specialist pointed out that there is the seafari, which combines several nautical activities such as walking, snorkeling, fishing and sea bathing.

He argued that the company also offers on its own site diving courses for beginners and experienced, in which international certification is obtained; an opportunity that extends to Cuban clients at the Copacabana hotel, he said.

According to Machado, the main clients of the Hemingway Marina include vacationers from Russia and European countries such as France and England.

Among the events convened by this company, highlights the international fishing tournaments of Wahoo, to be held from December 6 to 9, and the Needle Ernest Hemingway, whose edition 68 will be held from 21 to 26 May 2018 .

Because of its location, Cuba is highly attractive for sport fishing, as large ocean currents connect it with pelagic species routes, while the deep basins and trenches of the Caribbean Sea and the straits of Florida and the Bahamas serve as ecological barriers.

With a view to the high season (in November), Manuel Marrero, head of Tourism, said that all facilities will be operational, including those located in the keys Santa Maria, Coco and Guillermo, despite the damage caused by the passage of the powerful hurricane Irma on the northern coast of Cuba.