Mandopop star Jay Chou drops new single Mojito, music video shot in Cuba

Chinese Tourists Await a Chance to Sample Cuba’s Mojitos

HAVANA, June 13th In the midst of shooting Netflix’s J-Style Trip travelogue, mandopop star Jay Chou found time to drop a brand new single,Mojito, on Friday (Jun 12). Filmed on location in Havana, Cuba, the 41-year-old singer donned colourful shirts and danced his way through the charming city.

Why mojito? “I think Alang was drunk when he wrote the lyrics,” joked the star, referring to lyricist Alang Huang who wrote the lyrics to this Latin-inspired track.

Jay Chou new single Mojito in Havana Cuba
(Photo: Instagram/jaychou)

“I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba,” said Chou. “They have so many different styles of antique cars and everyone knows I love vintage. That’s why we went to Cuba to film the MV.”

The video saw Chou exploring the city in a hot pink vintage car with his brigade. Among them is, Chou’s buddy Alan Ke who arranged for a Cuban band to perform alongside.

To date, the music video has over four million hits on YouTube.

Mojito follows Won’t Cry, Chou’s 2019 collaboration with fellow Taiwanese rock group Mayday.

On future plans, Chou divulged that he doesn’t have plans to release another single. “If I were to release something new, it’s going to be an album.”