Low-Pressure System in Caribbean Sea To Spur Heavy Rain In Cuba

Low-Pressure System in Caribbean Sea To Spur Heavy Rain In Cuba

HAVANA, June 1st. On Tuesday, Cuba’s Meteorology Institute (INSMET) Forecasts Center warned that the Island would experience heavy rainfall this week due to a low-pressure system spanning toward the northwest of the Caribbean Sea.

“Rain will be strong and intense in western and central Cuba, where it can accumulate over 200 millimeters,” the INSMET highlighted, adding that the low-pressure system passing through the Caribbean sea can lead to the formation of a tropical or subtropical storm in the next 48 to 72 hours.

The Institute urged citizens living in low-lying and poorly drained areas to shelter from the rains and acknowledged that it would monitor the system’s possible movement through the Caribbean sea.

Forecasts suggest a “very active” 2022 cyclone season because of the high temperatures registered in the tropical strip of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea.

Most cyclones will occur from August to October due to the natural fluctuation of ocean temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific oceans by changes in the atmosphere.

“We foresee for this season the formation of 12 cyclones or hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, three storms in the Caribbean Sea, and other two in the Gulf of Mexico,” the INSMET stated, stressing that there is an 85 percent chance that one of those storms affect Cuba.

A large hurricane last hit Cuba in 2017, when storm Irma left ten people dead and material losses valued at over US$13 billion as it passed through the Island’s north coast from east to west.