Legal regulations for the creation of MIPYMES in Cuba come into force

Legal regulations for the creation of MIPYMES in Cuba come into force

HAVANA, Sep 20th The legal regulations to regulate the creation and operation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

(MIPYMES) in Cuba come into force today to give the green light to new economic actors in the country.

In correspondence with the economic-social strategy of the country, on August 7, the State Council approved the decree-law on these organizations, which facilitates their coherent insertion in the legal system, as one more element within the productive transformation of the country.

Such organizations are outlined as entities adjusted to the characteristics of the Cuban economy under a state and private format, and may even be mixed, with the same management model, although with tax and legal differences.

Along with this regulation, the new legal framework for the transformation of non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employment (private) will also be in force, with which the country incorporates productive forces into its economic model.

As expressed by the Deputy Prime Minister and head of the MEP, Alejandro Gil, the objective is to achieve an efficient and diversified economy with greater competitiveness so that it moves through fewer administrative mechanisms and yes through financial incentives.

With this decision, Cuba is not creating a second-class or subsistence sector, but one that contributes to the gross domestic product and impacts employment and exports, for which the aspiration is to support them with a broad technological base so that they contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

Many were the elements taken into account and the obstacles eliminated so as not to stop its advance, as shown by the possibility of being able to associate with foreign capital or Cubans, permanent residents in the country or outside of it, and of setting up a mixed company, which does not contradict the approved policies.

It is a project that includes the state and private sectors to stimulate the economy as provided for in the Foreign Investment Law, to which is added the capacity granted to MIPYMES, cooperatives, and workers to export and import, through state entities authorized for this activity.

Of great relevance are also the guidelines drawn up to prevent the concentration of property and wealth in non-state actors or natural persons when establishing to be a partner of only one MIPYMES.

It is a provision, included in the legal norms and responds to the design of the Cuban socialist system, although its corporate purpose is broad and it can be dedicated to as many activities as authorized and able to carry out.

The creation of these entities will be prioritized in food production, technology-based companies related to additive manufacturing, robotics, the generation of new materials, and technology parks.

It also includes local development projects consistent with the territorial development policy and the entire circular economy, whose essential point is to use national raw materials.

And to facilitate its implementation, the Platform of Economic Actors (PAE), designed by the MEP, is also available from today, as the main way to make, from anywhere in the country and online, the applications for the constitution of MSMEs and non-agricultural cooperatives.

Through the link and from a cell phone or computer, the interested parties will be able to carry out the pertinent procedures, in an agile and simplified way. ( PL)