Latin American Music in Fabrica de Arte Cubano

havana-live-fabrica-de-arte-cubano-habana-por-dentro-dazra-novak-1HAVANA, June 15th (PL) Latin American bands and artists who sing and play different musical trends, will alternate together with Cuban musicians, to show the diverse sounds of the continent, beyond the commercial features.

Cuban Fabrica de Arte Cubano, a project by Cuban songwriter X Alfonso, will be heading the presentations of the 2nd edition of the AM-PM America Festival for Music, which will conclude on June 19.

On June 16, Chilean female singer Yael Meyer and Argentinean percusionaist and composer Vivi Pozzebon will make their respective presentations, together with Cuban Yissy Garcia and her group.

The following evening, it will be the turn for Argentinean female singer Sol Pereyra and Mexican-Brazilian ensemble Francisco El Hombre.

On June 18, Fabrica de Arte Cubano will receive Colombian groups La Mula and Los Pirañas, two groups that mix electronic music with traditional trends such as Colombian cumbia, and others.

On June 19, will be the turn for Cuban trobadour singer and composer Roly Berrio, tres star Pancho Amat (Cuba) and Chilean group Inti Illimani.

From June 16 to 18 there will be other activities, such as the “Meeting – Workshop of Musical Journalism”, given by members of the Network of Musical Journalists in Latin America and in the Galich Room of Casa de las Americas.

Professionals of the industry will be able to debate on musical journalism, the guardianship of contents and the communication on this matter. In the chats and panels there will be specialists and representatives from Latin America, Spain, the United States and Cuba.

This program thinks about how to reinforce the Latin-American identity and attract attention towards the sonorous creation of the continent.

Also there will be audio-visual cycles, a Musicians’ Forum for the Nonviolence against the Women and the Girls, and exhibitions of plastic arts, photo, cartels, serigraphies and caricatures.

A meeting of music lovers and collectors of discs of vinyl, launching of books, will end the Festival.