Labiofam holds International Congress

havana-live-labiofamHAVANA, September 22  Experts from over 20 countries of the world are gathering at Havana’s Conventions Center on Monday for the 2014 International Congress of Cuba’s Labiofam Entrepreneurial Group, which will present its most recent experiences in the production of pharmaceuticals for humans and veterinary use.
The congress includes lectures and debates on the use of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and other biological products, as well a pharmaceuticals to fight cancer. According to the program, agriculture ministers from 15 nations are scheduled to attend the congress, as well as representatives of international health organizations, the UN Development Program and other entities.
Labiofam entrepreneurial group is currently producing 98 percent of animal medicines used in Cuba, as well as nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals to fight diseases such as Cancer.
Along with the congress, the group is opening an exhibit of its large gamut of products, which include vaccines, diagnostic means, probiotic foodstuffs, micro-algae and others.(ACN)