La Virgen de la caridad en el Alma del Pueblo Cubano

 havana-live-virgenHAVANA, 9 October  The New York City book launching of La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre en el alma del pueblo cubano, the result of thorough, in-depth and decades-long research by Cuban historian Emilio Cueto, who brings to light the pervasive presence of Our Lady of Charity across the centuries and in the work of hundreds of artists from all genres.

Throughout, the author enhances his research with more than a thousand images that make for an exquisite visual journey. Emilio Cueto has put together a volume that is not only an invaluable reference tool, but also a source of inspiration for the faithful and for anyone interested in the Virgin’s multifaceted cultural dimension.
As the author points out, it is also the privilege of viewing Cachita, as Our Lady of Charity is affectionately called by the Cuban people, in all her splendor. Emilio researching Emilio Cueto is an indefatigable researcher on all things Cuban, and has produced extensive work on various aspects of Cuban culture, particularly music and colonial prints.

An avid collector of Cuban memorabilia, he has exhibited portions of his private collection in Miami’s Historical Museum of Southern Florida and prepared the three catalogs accompanying those exhibitions, Mialhe´s Colonial Cuba (1994), Cuba in old maps (1999) and Illustrating Cuba’s flora and fauna (2002)). havana-live-virgen1He has organized five concerts of Cuba-related music at Florida International University in Miami (2008-2012), including music of American composers inspired by the Cuban Wars of Independence, also presented in a 2010 concert at Manhattan’s Merkin Hall under the auspices of the Cuban Cultural Center of New York.