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La Covacha: A date with Omara Portuondo
naturally different  

By: Lic. Yanelys Hernández Cordero   Music and gastronomy are two arts that seem distant from each other; however in La Covacha they combine, achieving a harmony capable of satisfying the most demanding customer.

The restaurant materializes an old dream of the internationally famous Cuban interpreter: Omara Portuondo. Its gastronomic offerings not only include the elaboration of traditional Cuban dishes, pastries and a cocktail bar with names inspired by the Las D’Aida Quartet; they are also owners of an author’s kitchen with gourmet style.

The family history, tradition and especially the artistic career of “La Novia del Feeling” are the essence of the establishment. The set visually recreates several decades of the life of Omara, where its presence is exalted in a musical event known as Buena Vista Social Club. The permanent invitation for some presentation of the also known as “La Sonera Mayor” is another attraction of the place.

And although only months have elapsed since the inauguration of La Covacha, there have already been five presentations by Omara, as well as other guests. And it is that La Covacha not only attracts customers who are eager for good service, but also to figures of our music and in a general sense to personalities of national and international culture, as well as talented young people who begin their careers.

The “Miss Omara Brown “gives name to several dishes and cocktails of the restaurant. Precisely, this is the name given to the mojito of the house that acquires a brown color, making it one of the most exotic drinks of the place. For its part, the Piña Colada “Omara Zu” in its presentation maintains the base of the fruit, which gives it more naturalness and cubanía to the shaker proposal. But the bar would not be complete without the authentic “Tule city” or “El Covachazo”, main drink.

Among the gastronomic offerings, the entree of tuna tartar with a crispy rice paper and a tamarind sauce stands out. For lovers of maritime products, the main fish in lemon sauce with sautéed vegetables and clam will be a feast for the senses. Nevertheless; Omara chooses old clothes, which in addition to being their favorite food, is one of the most demanded creations by customers. As for sweets, the flan is competing with other appetizing proposals such as “El postre Covacha”.

The idea of ​​sharing a dinner or an exquisite cappuccino with Omara Portuondo in that piece of authentic Cuba will always be an invitation to return.

Calle 229 #21017 e/ 210 y 216
Aproximadamente a 3 km del Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí
Tel.: +53 258 9331 /+53 7 6468292