King Mohammed VI bought 18 works from a Cuban artist

King Mohammed VI,Cuba,Michel Mirabal,modern art,HAVANA, April 30th  King Mohammed VI did not leave empty-handed his visit to Cuba. The sovereign bought 18 works from Cuban artist Michel Mirabal during his trip to the island, as the artist himself told the local media.

The information, identified by our colleagues of the Desk, confirms the taste of the sovereign for contemporary art, after the opening in October 2014 of the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI) in Rabat.

According to the Cuban media, some of these works should join the Moroccan museum’s collections, while others will go to the new headquarters of the Moroccan embassy in Havana as well as to the king’s residences.

The sovereign also asked Michel Mirabal to create a fresco in one of the most popular streets of Marrakech, “a project led by a renowned local artist whose name is still unknown,”.

A way to “commemorate the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries”.

The Cuban artist also revealed that he had obtained a scholarship from the Montessori Foundation for a residency of artists in Morocco in September. As a prelude, Michel Mirabal was invited by the king to visit the kingdom in August with his family and friends.

On his Facebook page, the artist has published a photo on which he is seen signing one of his works to the king: “For His Majesty the King with all my gratitude”, he wrote. King Mohammed VI,Cuba,Michel Mirabal,modern art,King Mohammed VI,Cuba,Michel Mirabal,modern art,King Mohammed VI,Cuba,Michel Mirabal,modern art,