June,the month with the heaviest rains in Cuba

June,the month with the heaviest rains in Cuba

HAVANA, Jun 7(ACN) June is the second month of the rainy season in Cuba and on average also of the year, confirmed specialists from the Climate Center of the Institute of Meteorology. A considerable part of the accumulated rainfall occurs during several days, mainly in its first two decades, they said when referring to its behavior in relation to the cyclonic season in the geographical area of the tropical Atlantic Ocean, which includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

They clarified that rainfall depends on the influence of migratory systems in the tropical zone, such as tropical waves and tropical lows, and their important interaction with mid-latitude systems.

The experts specified that the direct affectation of tropical cyclones is infrequent, but when it occurs it usually causes large downpours, although they are also generated during these 30 days associated with diurnal warming.

Generally, they added, the latter is accompanied by thunderstorms, whose period of heavy activity begins in June, although it does not start simultaneously in all regions of the country, but is manifested by its gradual increase towards inland areas during the afternoon and early evening hours.

According to Climate Center professionals, the rapid warming of the waters of the equatorial Pacific Ocean continued during May, as did the positive anomalies in subsurface sea temperature.

Based on the models consulted, they forecast June rainfall in the west at 306.7 millimeters, in the center at 237 and in the east at 148, while temperatures will be 31.3-32.5 degrees Celsius, 31.5-33.1 and 31.7-32.4, respectively.

The Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology confirmed the beginning of the cyclonic season in the geographic area of the North Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, which will last until November 30.

They predicted that this period will be normal to not very active in terms of tropical organisms when 11 tropical cyclones should form, of which five could reach hurricane category; seven will develop in the Atlantic oceanic area, two in the Caribbean Sea and the same number in the Gulf of Mexico.

The danger Cuba will be hit by at least one hurricane category tropical cyclone is also moderate, with a 35 % chance, they added.

However, they insisted on the need to be prepared and alert for any phenomenon of that nature, even if the season is forecast as normal or not very active, since 2015 has not seen one with similar characteristics.