Judge dismisses lawsuit against Carnival Cruise for doing business with Cuba

HAVANA, Jul 14 (PL ) A federal judge in the United States dismissed a lawsuit against the cruise company Carnival for doing business with Cuba, economic and tourist media reported on Tuesday.The Wall Street Journal reported that the lawsuit is part of the US campaign against Cuba, tightened by the Donald Trump Administration after the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which reinforces economic, commercial and financial measures against the Caribbean island.

It is a key ruling for the claims under the Helms-Burton Act, as it creates a precedent for the immediate future.

A federal judge in Miami, Florida, dismissed the lawsuit filed by Cuban-American Javier Garcia-Bengochea against the cruise company Carnival for using properties confiscated in the port of Santiago de Cuba six decades ago.

In the nine-page ruling, Judge James Lawrence King dismissed Garcia-Bengochea’s claim for compensation and explained that his petition did not meet the requirements of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

Garcia-Bengochea, a brain surgeon of Cuban origin who resides in Jacksonville, Florida, sued Carnival as the legitimate owner of La Maritima Parreño, which owned the main terminal in the port of Santiago de Cuba until 1960.

A similar lawsuit against Carnival for using facilities in the port of Havana is still awaiting a ruling by Federal Judge Beth Bloom in a Miami court.