José Martí airport received a “Russian brain”

José Martí airport received a "Russian brain"HAVANA, 26 Mar. (Sputnik) José Martí airport received a “Russian brain”, a computer system developed in Russia has been deployed at the airport of the Cuban capital after winning a contest in late 2016.

Several internationally known companies competed for the contract, but Cuban operator ECASA finally opted for Russian software.

The Russian air traffic monitoring system, developed by the company Centro de Sistemas Digitales, proved to be the most “effective and economically advantageous”, according to Iran Antonio Hormigó Puertas, the chief air traffic controller of the José Martí airport.

“The Havana airport will increase the number of flights in the next few years, and we will need precision systems for both take-off and landing and flight control,” said the specialist, quoted by the Russian aeronautical portal Aviaport.

The Russian software beat all the competitors in the tender, among them the French company Thales and the Czech Era.

Previously, ECASA employees visited Russia to learn how to use the system. The sophisticated software works with a multitude of sensors and detectors to monitor what goes on both airstrips and in the air – at a distance of up to 100 kilometers – said the director general of the Russian company, Andréi Lántiev.

By the airport José Martí pass more than 40 international flights and 14 domestic flights. Over the last five years, the number of flights has been increasing and specialists expect this trend to continue in the future.