Joint Venture With 20 Years of Impact in Santiago de Cuba

Joint Venture With 20 Years of Impact in Santiago de CubaHAVANA,Nov 23 (PL) The joint venture ELF Gas S.A. reached its 20 years in this city with a notable impact on the processes for gasification and the commercialization of liquefied gas, a priority in the Cuban economy.

When celebrating the two decades, Reina María Núñez, manager for the Cuban part, expressed the willingness to continue contributing in the middle of a stage of renovation of the plant, with the aim set on the mission assigned by the country that is the free commercialization of the liquefied gas in the Cuban East.

He affirmed that this is a very big commitment and the recent Shareholders’ Meeting commits them even more in pursuit of efficient results, with greater quality and security, for which they have a cohesive collective that includes a good number of young people, supported by the most experienced.

By its part, Hervé Allibert, Vice President in the Americas at TOTAL Marketing and Services, French oil company, highlighted the development prospects of the joint venture and its importance in the domestic life of Cubans in the east, including the workers and peasants and the tourist sectors.

He indicated that from the joint effort of Cupet, the Cuban oil company, and Total, Elf Gas Cuba will continue its journey towards common goals and thanked the work, sacrifice, and discipline of Cuban workers in these 20 years.

Eric Leboucher, the French technical representative of that subsidiary, informed that the entity has in Havana dependencies related to lubricants, asphalt, and additives, among other products of the petroleum chain, and intends to expand joint investments in the Special Development Zone Mariel.

He pointed out that in a period of about four years they will double the production, with a current figure of 10,000 cylinders a day.