Jetblue cancels all its flights to Cuba

Jetblue cancels its flights to Cuba

HAVANA, Sept. 1st.  JetBlue  has made the decision to suspend all flight routes to Cuba and announced that its last day of service will be this coming September 17.In 2016, JetBlue made history when it landed in Cuba, becoming the first US airline to operate a commercial flight between the two countries in more than 50 years.

The airline marked the beginning of a new era of low fares and excellent services to Cuba from which the market benefited, which later saw the appearance of other airlines also bound for the island.

“Demand for travel to the island has been significantly affected by changes in the regulatory landscape and restrictions on our client’s ability to enter Cuba. We look forward to resuming our service to Havana and continuing to pursue opportunities within Cuba in the event to make travel more accessible in the future,” the airline said in a statement Thursday.

They also noted that “leaving Havana will allow us to redistribute additional aircraft on our highest throughput routes, where demand for JetBlue’s low fares and award-winning service is growing.”

Finally, they reported that JetBlue will proactively provide a full automated refund to their original form of payment to customers affected by the suspension of the route.