Jeep Safaris, Gaviotas new offerr for excursions

Jeep Safaris,las nuevas ofertas de Gaviota para estas excursiones

HAVANA, Dec. 14th One of the attractions presented at the III Gaviota 2021 Destinations Tourist Exchange, held in the keys north of Villa Clara this December were the so-called “Jeep Safaris” that are carried out in Cuba for foreign tourism. It is done through cars rented from the transport company associated with the island’s leisure business, Transgaviota.

According to this information, these attractions will be available to visitors staying in the Cayo Santa María hotel network and will allow you to stroll through the island’s fields. The route is about 100 kilometers long and will run through a rural area of ​​Villa Clara and Sancti Spíritus.

All this in all-terrain vehicles perfectly equipped for this type of adventure. The cost of the excursion, according to the website, Civitatis, with a similar example in the tourist center of Varadero, ranges from 67 euros for children up to 11 years and about 90 euros for adults. The Gaviota website does not offer prices, but it does offer the possibility of more information.

The current option includes an excursion to Rancho Querete, a protected area that is managed by the company Flora y Fauna. Their tourists can go horseback riding, try Creole food and walk about 600 meters on foot through areas of trails.

Then a tour continues to the Jobo Rosado farm, where a small zoo with farmyard animals and the cultivation of Cuban plants is shown, in addition to tasting fruits and natural juices.

The next stop is at Finca Soler, but to get to a remote place you will have to travel several kilometers in jeeps on unpaved and narrow roads. Once there, visitors will learn about cattle raising, land management, cultivation of the land, among other peasant secrets.

Subsequently, you will arrive at Chalet Los Álamos, an agro-tourist farm, with a typical peasant house that serves as lodging for anyone who wants to spend the night there, in addition to having a typical Cuban meal plus the traditional sugarcane guarapo for dinner.

Everything concludes at the Farm of Oscar, a Cuban peasant who promotes the care of the land like five generations of his family. There the visitor, they indicate from Gaviota, will be able to feed the animals and bathe in a river that borders the farm.

They specify that the Jeep Safari excursion is something different for those who stay in the Cuban keys. For more details of this type of excursion on the island, access this link of the marketer of these activities.