Japanese tourists rush to Havana

11951805_404804046379083_4881765763186793630_nHAVANA, AUGUST 22  Japanese travel agencies are increasing their tourism to Cuba in response to growing demand generated by the rapprochement between the Caribbean country and the United States to normalize diplomatic relations.

That is the case of the travel company JTB, which rise from October five to eight the number of packages in Cuba after reservations bound for the Caribbean country have increased fivefold, the economic journal Nikkei announced yesterday.
Travelers have shown special interest in Old Havana, recognized by UNESCO as “World Heritage” in 1982.

“Many fear that the influx of US investors will be the end of the old city,” said the Japanese newspaper, that´s why they “want” to experience the essence of the place before it is no longer possible.
Other companies are pursuing similar initiatives as increasing interest in the island. Such is the case of Hankyu Travel, which has received 40 percent more applications than usual, KNT Company, headquartered in Tokyo, and the travel company HIS.