Japanese Artist Eitetsu Hayashi to Perform at Mella Theater

  havana-live-Eitetsu HayashiHAVANA, October 14 (acn) Eitetsu Hayashi, a virtuoso of the traditional Japanese drum –wadaiko, considered to be a cultural jewel of his country, will perform in Cuba on October 15 at the capital’s Mella Theater.

A performer and a composer of this instrument, the most well known of its kind and valued very highly in the world, Hayashi will offer a concert entitled Ritmo de la naturaleza, with his group Fu Un, which will also perform on the 17th at the Miramar Theater,
also in this capital. The Agency of Cultural Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, appointed him this year as Cultural Representative of his country to show a style created by him, which combines the attraction of genuine traditional drums –wadaikos- with his original and contemporary way of playing them.