Élite, el arte del buen comer

(By: Yanelys Hernández Cordero)  It’s been just over a year since the house of 15 and L in Vedado opened its doors with an irresistible proposal: Italian ice cream made in Cuba.

The place makes you an accomplice from outside with its strategic location and its imposing construction. Upon entering, it seduces you even more with delicious and unique gastronomic offers.

The ways of making distinguish a more marked taste, greater creaminess and a medium-low sweetness; according to the trends of the elaborated in  Europe.

Chocolate, strawberry, peanuts, English soup, Catalan cream, and vanilla are some of the flavors you can find in the fridge of the Amore Ice Cream Shop; where pistachio and yogurt are presented as star products.

The possibility of combining different ice creams, so that one complements the other, is a very demanded option; especially with the yogurt that due to its acidity comes well with fruits of greater sweetness.

Amore’s offer has diversified.

Today you can not only enjoy ice cream in glasses, waffles or exquisite paletas with chocolate coverage. Breakfasts balanced from early in the morning and fast foods (appetizers, entrepanes and sandwich, tuna, cheese, chicken, etc.) have been a successful commitment to excellence in service, responding to the demand of customers who wanted a salty contrast.

Another element that characterizes them are the cakes elaborated on the base of cream, butter and cream chantillí; designed to combine with this Italian ice cream that Amore proposes.

Several factors can influence that the ice cream shop is today a site of preference for many; who say that “the language does not lie, it is the best client there can be”.

Calle 15 esq. L
Tel:(53)5 5365152