ISMET calls for the 2024 meteorological photography contest

Institute of Meteorology call for the 2024 meteorological photography contest

HAVANA, March 3. The Meteorological Society of Cuba (SometCuba) and the Institute of Meteorology (Insmet) call on lens enthusiasts to participate in the IV Meteorological Photography Contest 2024.All apprentices of any nationality and age who reside in Cuba may participate in the individual modality in digital format with a maximum of up to three materials, in accordance with the basis of the call of the two institutions.

They specify that authors must keep the original files of their images for any questions or clarifications after receiving their works.

Meteorology is the essential theme of the contest, so only those photos that mainly show phenomena of this type, such as floods, hail, electric shocks, waterspouts, tornadoes, rain, clouds, rainbows and others, will be eligible.

Contestants must send them, before April 30, to the address with the subject IV Meteorological Photography Contest 2024.

It is a requirement to fill out and send the participation form before the end of the deadline, to the email address, where personal data, the title of the sample and the place and date of its printing must be included.

The jury will be made up of two professional photographers and a meteorology expert, and the works will be evaluated based on the quality, aesthetics, naturalness, relevance and uniqueness of the reflected phenomena, while the opinions will be final.

A Grand Prize and others will be awarded to the individual photograph that best reflects the anomaly in question during the celebration of the Meteorology Convention 2024, to be held from May 27 to 31, 2024, at the Tryp Habana Libre Hotel.