Investigators find Cuba isn’t linked to cocaine cargo in Panama

cocaine cargo in Panama

HAVANA, May 22th   After Panamanian authorities found cocaine in a ship coming from Cuba on Sunday, Cuban authorities joined the investigation and released a statement on Wednesday saying the container was likely tampered with at the Panamian port and not at the Cuban port.

Cuban authorities reiterate commitment to fighting cocaine trafficking

“Cuba applies a zero tolerance policy to drugs, repudiates and strictly confronts any manifestation linked to the trafficking or consumption of these substances,” the Cuban government’s statement said.

“The contamination of containers at cargo ports represents one of the main modalities used by drug trafficking networks,” the Panamanian authorities said in a statement released to The Associated press on Tuesday.

Cuban customs inspectors placed a seal on the container that Panamian customs inspectors believe traffickers tampered with when they smuggled the cargo in 46 black large duffle bags. The ship was set to dock in Holland and its final destination was Turkey.

Cuban authorities also said they are committed to strengthening international cooperation with other countries “that combat this scourge.”

The investigation in Panama is ongoing.