International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA) postponed for May 2021

International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA) postponed for May 2021

HAVANA, Aug. 17th The 40th edition of FITCUBA was postponed to May 2021 in the Varadero resort, with better conditions, better quality and a better product, assured Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.
The information was released during a tour made by Marrero to the province of Matanzas, with the aim of checking out the work done in that territory in terms of the strategy of economic and social promotion, food production and tourism.

In this regard, he indicated that after the closure due to the health situation caused by COVID-19, tourism maintained its investment process with the aim of improving facilities, and a large effort was made in terms of maintenance.

‘We will have beautiful facilities, gardens, everything recovered, a lot of hygiene, security, but also a lot of quality products as well as the service offered. We have to insist on quality in every way,” he said.

During the announcement, released on national television news, Marrero recalled among the activities hardest hit by the pandemic worldwide is tourism, so the reopening is going to be tough, a slow process but very competitive, so it will be necessary to take strong actions to lure markets and what to prepare for them, he said.

Later, he expressed the need to redesign products, look for new offers and commercial mechanisms, with a good promotion and adequate use of social networks, as well as continue developing the investment process, all with the required biosecurity measures.

He then said that in Varadero there are things dreamed of for years that will now come true, such as the necessary boulevard, which is going to mark a milestone, because it will allow having a place for recreation that will give prestige to the resort and impact due to its variety of offers.

He also referred to the revival of the Plaza América Convention Center, headquarters of FITCUBA, from which it will exhibit higher quality, with efficient services both in terms of gastronomy and commercial issues.

Finally, he expressed the need to prepare a lot with a view to commercialization, because things in tourism will not be as before. “The way marketing is done will change; social networks will be decisive, and we must continue promoting the local market”, he said.