International Meeting of Ballet Academies begins in Havana

International Meeting of Ballet Academies begins in Havana

HAVANA, March 20   The membership of World Classical Dance is finishing preparations to develop from March 22 to 30 the 29th International Meeting of Academies for Ballet Teaching, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso was an indispensable pillar along with Alicia and Alberto on the path towards the consolidation of ballet in Cuba, which is why he will be remembered with an extensive program that includes classes, conferences, workshops, courses for teachers, and competitions, according to the Cubaescena site.

To date, the presence of around 70 academies from the Americas and Europe has been confirmed, with almost 230 participants from the different invited countries, including El Salvador, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States, Italy and the Netherlands.

Teachers, students and dancers will meet in Havana to participate in this meeting which will analyze core issues of academic dance pedagogy. The participants will also exchange criteria based on different techniques, styles, training, choreographic creation and other elements from national and foreign experiences.

As for the competition segment, this will be key to stimulating scenic creation and the protection of the classical, romantic and neoclassical repertoire of pointe art. For this reason, this year the categories return in Little Children, Children, Youth, Choreographic, and Young Critics “Pedro Ángel in memoriam”.

According to Cubaescena, this edition of the International Meeting of Academies for Ballet Teaching proposes looking again at school and artistic training as a path towards a professional future of excellence.