Individuals who desecrated busts of Jose Marti arrested in Havana

Individuals who desecrated busts of Jose Marti arrested in Havana
HAVANA, Jan 9 (PL) Cuban authorities on Wednesday announced the arrests of two individuals who desecrated several busts of National Hero Jose Marti in this capital.

The official statement identified Panter Rodriguez Baro, aged 44 and with a long criminal record, and Yoel Prieto Tamayo, 29, as the perpetrators of the profanation.

Likewise, the press release made it clear that they are under criminal investigation, on which the public will be kept informed.

‘The photos, which documented the insulting acts and showed the busts of the National Hero covered with pig’s blood, were posted online shortly after they were taken,’ the text added.

The images were shared by several so-called alternative media, which were described as being ‘at the service of those who insist on orchestrating smear campaigns against Cuba’s reality.

‘While renowned followers of the Miami-based right-wing enthusiastically approved those acts, the affront to the symbolism embodied in the figure of the hero of our independence generated a huge wave of condemnation on social media,’ the report noted.

The act was denounced as a dirty media maneuver to create a sense that there is an atmosphere of insecurity and violence in Cuba, the statement added.