Inaugurated in John Lennon Park, pedestrian zebra like Abbey Road

Inaugurated in John Lennon Park pedestrian zebra like Abbey Road

HAVANA, Sept. 28 John Lennon is still in fashion in Havana. The former artist banned by the Castro no longer only has a statue and a park with his name,

now they have also built a pedestrian zebra just in front of the sculpture’s feet.

The zebra recalls the iconic Abbey Road in London, where EMI recording studios were located, in which the Beatles recorded many of their songs.

According to the journalist Oni Acosta, the goal was to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the departure of the LP Abbey Road, the eleventh album of study of the boys of Liverpool.

Also, the Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso, celebrated the event. As he commented in a post on his Twitter account, the inauguration was in charge of the radio and television director, and renowned Beatlemania, Guille Vilar, who said: “Listen to him Trump, Lennon is with us!”

Several Internet users have shown their outrage at the double side of the government, which today reveres the extraordinary musician who for years removed from all media, without a logical explanation.

For the user Ricardo Salazar, everything is nothing but great hypocrisy. “Get off with that tooth when in Cuba many young people ended up imprisoned for listening to the Beatles, they are really cheeky.”

Also, the Internet user called Ignorant Hunter caught the irony of the situation. “John Lennon, from ideological diversions to an ideological icon. Opportunism is an intrinsic characteristic of the ‘Cuban revolution,” he said.

John Lennon Park and its surroundings were repaired this year on the occasion of the visit of Prince Charles and Duchess Camila. According to a neighbor in the area, “all soda pipes” sold in national currency were removed and “hidden in the surroundings.” All the old banks were also “ripped out” and exchanged for new ones.

Another one who defines himself as an admirer of the Beatles is Miguel Díaz-Canel, who on December 8 recalled Lenon’s death and invited him to dream like the English musician.