In Santiago de Cuba starting today the Fiesta del Fuego

In Santiago de Cuba starting today the Fiesta del Fuego

HAVANA, July. 3dt. The 42nd edition of the Caribbean Festival, dedicated to the Mexican celebrations of life and death, will start this afternoon at 4 in the afternoon, with free admission to the Heredia Theater on Avenida de las Américas, in Santiago de Cuba.

Around 400 artists and personalities from 17 nations, including more than 100 from the Aztec land, are already in the city to join the Cubans from Santiago de Cuba and its municipalities and from several provinces.

Orlando Vergés, director of Casa del Caribe; the Ambassador of Mexico and the writer Reinaldo Cedeño will be the speakers in the afternoon with their interventions, respectively, inaugurating the party, speaking on behalf of Mexico and arguing the delivery of the Casa del Caribe International Award to the vice president of Uneac, Pedro de la Hoz that will materialize this afternoon.

Then, the artistic segment, directed by Reynaldo López, will fill the hour and 15 minutes that the long-awaited opening gala of the Fiesta del Fuego’2023 is expected to last.

For the occasion, Reynaldo López detailed the artistic intervention: Matiti Odilia, vocalist and director of the group carrying Thompson, in Palma Soriano; the girl Antonela Pérez, the Cutumba Folkloric Ballet, Mariachi Cuba and the Rueda de Casino All-Star.

The gala will be completed with the Oyú Oró Group, from the United States; the Kokoyé Folkloric Group, the vocalist Zulema Iglesias, the Folkloric Ballet of the East, the Cía. Santiago Ballet and the Santiago Carnival ride, Los Hombres Carroza.

The host of the gala will be the prominent radio and TV announcer, Gerardo Houdayer, vice president of the UNEAC Provincial Committee in Santiago de Cuba.

As usual, tonight at the Casa del Caribe the traditional exhibition of the sculptor and painter from Santiago Alberto Lescay Merencio will be inaugurated

The Serpent Parade, the first of the Festival’s large gatherings, will take place at 5 pm on July 5, through the streets of Santiago, from Plaza de Marte until crossing in front of Céspedes Park and the old City Hall.

On July 6, in the main room of the Heredia Theater, there will be the highly anticipated Gala de México, artistically directed by the Mexican maestro Oscar Escobedo, who has already announced that it will be a gift that with all due respect, his country brings to Cuba and Santiago de Cuba.

On July 9, at the end of the afternoon and after the closing parade, they will light the Devil in the Alameda and with this action will close the 42nd Caribbean Festival.