In force from this Monday new rules for imports

In force from this Monday new rules for imports

HAVANA, Aug. 15th Recently published in the Official Gazette, this Monday the resolutions that make non-commercial imports made by natural persons more flexible, and the modifications of customs tariffs for air, sea and postal shipments come into force.

Resolution 204, of the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP), increases what can be sent by sea, post or courier to the country, and at the same time reduces the tariff rate.

Natural persons are allowed to import (through shipments) up to 200 dollars, which is equivalent to 20 kilograms, since, according to the rules of the General Customs of the Republic, a kilogram would be 10 dollars.

If until now the limit was 10 kg with the same cost (200 dollars), as of this Monday that amount is maintained but doubling the weight is allowed.

Another measure is that the weight of the package is increased to 3 kg (until now it was 1.5 kg) for which the person who receives it in Cuba will not have to pay tariffs.

Resolution 204 of the MFP provides for the reduction of the customs duty to be paid in Cuban pesos for the shipment of the package since it will not be the entire value, but 30% of the remaining 17 kg (of the total of 20 kg).

In a recent Round Table on these regulations, Meisi Bolaños, Minister of Finance and Prices, explained that the tax to be paid for a shipment of 20 kg drops to 1,224 CUP (the weight of the package is doubled and the amount pay for tariffs).

With the new rule, if the user receives a package of 10 kg, 30% is applied to 7 kg, which is equivalent to 30% of 70 USD x 24 CUP. On the other hand, under the conditions in force until now, it would be 100% of 70 USD x 24 CUP.

Bolaños pointed out that there is an important change and reduction in order to reduce the cost for the Cuban population and families when receiving shipments and parcels from abroad.

She also highlighted the need to work so that this service has the quality and people receive their package in the established time.

Official Gazette No. 45 also includes two resolutions issued by the General Customs of the Republic (175 and 176).

These establish the rules for non-commercial imports by natural persons and the list of reference values ​​for some products, which serve as a guide or recommendation for calculating the tax to be collected by customs.