Hyundai cars arrives in the port of Mariel: only for tourist purposes?

Llega a puerto del Mariel lote de carros Hyundai: ¿solo para fines turísticos?

HAVANA, Nov 26.  A large batch of Hyundai brand cars has arrived at the Cuban port of Mariel, and although it has not been specified what purposes they will have,most likely, they will be used for tourist income or to “please” some specific desire of the Cuban government clique.

Images of this shipment of Hyundai cars have been published through several profiles on social networks, something that has generated reactions among several users, such as:

“Cars are worth a day in Cuba more than a week in Cancun” or “There is no money to feed the people, but there is money for those gadgets. I applaud you”, just to name a few.

For his part, the Cuban-American journalist, Mario J. Pentón, criticized: “With a country in ruins due to the ineffectiveness of the government model, the Cuban regime redoubles its commitment to tourism with multimillion-dollar investments.

When they ask about US sanctions, what the communists call a blockade, show them this image. By the way, they haven’t bought ambulances in a long time.”

Recently through social networks we also learned about another batch of new and used cars that were circulating in Cuba, almost all of them intended for tourism.

It was the Proton brand, a Malaysian car and motorcycle company that belongs to Geely, and produces more than 150,000 vehicles a year.