How to Travel Cuba in 10 Days?

How to Travel Cuba in 10 Days?

HAVANA, April 4th  Cuba is a unique place with an old-school culture that feels like a different world than the rest of society. The rich food, the rum, and everything else can make a spectacular trip. Consider what activities you want to do to help your stay feel great. Here’s how to travel to Cuba for ten days.

Ride in a Classic Car

Before you decide to go elsewhere to St. John rentals, you want to enjoy your time in Cuba with a classic car. There are loads of them in the country to help you get around by taxi or take a guided tour. Get a taste of yesteryear with an automobile from the 1950s or 1960s.

It can take you back to a memory with the top down and feeling that Caribbean breeze hitting your face. Think about going to a private car event to see the classics and get an idea of what people were styling 50 to 60 years ago.

How to Travel Cuba in 10 Days?

A tourist poses for pictures with US made vintage cars in Havana on March 18, 2016. PHOTO/YAMIL LAGE / AFP PHOTO / YAMIL LAGE

Walk Around Santiago de Cuba

Santiago has a reputation as the capital of the Caribbean. It’s the heart of Cuban music and gives you some extraordinary views that make you feel a part of the country. Go to the top floor of the Bello Bar to get some delicious daiquiris and mojitos.

Hear the traditional rhythms of trova to give you that old country appeal. Think of the tradition you get by learning about this nearly lost essence of the West Indies. Also, you can go to the Troubadour’s House to see small musical groups.

A great time to go there is during the International Trova Festival each year. Museo del Ron is also a unique spot to learn about the rum history in Santiago. It has some artifacts from pre-revolution Cuba.

They show you rum-making techniques and keep you entertained with the rum culture in Santiago.

How to Travel Cuba in 10 Days?

SANTIAGO, CUBA  View from the roof patio of the Grande Hotel, towards Santiago de Cuba City Hall and Parque Cespedes/PL

Stay at Hotel Nacional de Cuba

If you want a tourist attraction with a look into the past, here’s a great place to stay. Instantly you’ll get that old Spanish charm, the beautiful breeze, and the unique storefronts will set the backdrop for a romantic getaway.

It’s located in the capital city of Havana and has a strong architectural feel due to the design by the New York firm McKim, Mead, and White back in 1930. Also, the outdoor scenery is soothing and makes you feel like you’re in a home away from your humble abode.

 How to Travel Cuba in 10 Days?