‘House-service center’ in Havana dismantle

Desmantelan ‘casa-servicentro’ en La Habana

HAVANA, January 28. The Cuban police arrested an individual who was hoarding fuel to resell it in what the authorities called a ‘service center’ in the municipality of Guanabacoa.The report was made known through the Facebook profile of the Municipal Administration Council of Guanabacoa and replicated by state journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso, who commented on the importance of “pulling the rope to reach those who, within the businesses of fuel, they made the purchase easier for this citizen, if that were the case.”

The Guanabaco state entity reported on the social network that the individual thought that he had a ServiCentro in his house and that he “could continue profiting from the needs of the people, but the police fell on him.”

According to the Council of Administration, the ‘service center’ was located on San Francisco Street between Máximo Gómez and Corral Falso. The neighbors of the person involved, named Ángel, commented that he “thought of continuing in illegal fuel trafficking and when he loaded “As usual in a vehicle that resells fuel, the police arrived and arrested him.”

The publication added that “for some time now Ángel had been in the fuel business that he sold on the left, after having hoarded it without paying attention to the already annoying queues that vehicle drivers have to wait at the Servicentros.”

The photos show that in the search carried out by the police in the house, a large amount of fuel and plastic containers for storage were seized.

“For illegal actions like these, Cubans must pay the very high prices of private transportation,” concludes the text from the Municipal Administration Council of Guanabacoa.

Despite this assertion, many do not agree that the only reason for the ‘very high prices’ of private transportation is these illegal actions. Additionally, some users have commented on the need to get to the root of the problem.

“They capture and capture and I never see a note of how far the criminal chain went…” wrote a user, to which Alonso responded: “Dear, I always publish as far as my ability to know goes. I know you understand.”