Homeless dogs sterilized, get ID’s and fed in Havana

  havana-live-street-dogHAVANA,15 Mar. Cuba has been taking good care of its homeless dogs in the capital, Havana. The country’s official stray dogs are tagged.

They wear ID tags on collars around their necks. The dogs are fed and cared for by the state, in a system accustomed to socialism. In Havana, however, there’s a practical side to assigning dog tags, neutering and caring for the many strays on the old city’s streets, where thousands of tourists and residents walk each day.  havana-live-street-dog

The dogs are well behaved and fed, which keeps them from spreading disease and bothering tourists for scraps, or nudging through garbage. Some tourists, including on from the U.S., are surprised with the initiative.
City officials say the program is a humanitarian gesture, designed to control the population of strays, but also to give abandoned dogs as good a life as possible under the circumstances.