Home prices on the Malecon increases

 Home prices on the Malecon increases

Photo:Hubert Descamps

HAVANA, July 12 Owning a house that opens its doors to the huge Havana sofa that is the Malecón has become a treasure ever since Raúl Castro’s reforms revived the real estate market in Cuba.

The Malecón allows you to enjoy the unparalleled spectacle of watching the sun sink into the waters of the Gulf at the end of the afternoon or enjoying the breeze sitting on the wall while people arrive at the one that undoubtedly represents one of the favorite meeting points of the Cuban society.

That is why it is not surprising that the houses on the avenue are sold at exorbitant prices ranging from 60,000 to 200,000 dollars.

Those who have the possibility of acquiring a property in the populous area are opened to a horizon of possibilities. Restaurants, cafeterias or hostels have the future insured in the Malecón.

Something well known to large hotel groups that have also launched their conquest taking advantage of the gaps that have left the landslides. Thus, in the same corner of Prado and Malecón, a luxury hotel is being built, which should be inaugurated at the end of this year 2018.

Live from the Malecón

The private rents on the Malecón are among the most expensive in Havana (the area is paid), which has meant a gold mine for not a few owners like Guillermo Pérez Herrera, a 64-year-old resident, who rents one of the Rooms of your apartment at number 105 to 35.00 CUC per night.

The same happens with Casa Malecón Habana, between Cárcel and Genio streets. There Reinaldo Silverio, along with his daughter and son-in-law manage a mini-hostel with three bedrooms in a building from the 1950s. They charge 40.00 CUC per night and they are always full. Even in these moments when landlords in other areas of the capital feel the loss of tourism, Malecón rentals are still crowded thanks to the magic of the Havana sofa.

Some, on the contrary, prefer to sell their properties, revalued thanks to the reform of Raúl Castro:

Liam Menéndez Blanco sells for $ 80,000 his two floors located in the building of Marina Street No. 155, very close to La Rampa. Patiently, the buyer will wait for it, because he says: “The place is splendid, it has even water and light”.

In the Malecón it is not worth that of the value of the square meter. “Even if some estimate that it moves between 500 and 600 dollars, that does not work here. It depends a lot on the situation of the house and the conditions of the buildings, because some of them are very deteriorated, “explains a real estate agent.

The final valuation of a property depends on its conditions. An apartment in good condition with three bedrooms has been sold for 200,000 dollars. The price also varies depending on the area of ​​the Malecón, the most sought-after area today is the so-called Traditional Malecón, closer to Old Havana, but also much more deteriorated.

Some dream of getting out of poverty by selling their homes at exorbitant prices just because they are on the Malecón. That is the case of Mileidy Verdecia, who asks for no less than $ 90,000 for her house, narrow and in bad conditions; but very close to Antonio Maceo Park.

And there will be someone who buys it, or at least that’s what Mileidy thinks, who says that there are already several interested but that she “does not keep shifts”.