Historical Heat Wave Records Registered in Cuba

 havana-live-heat-waveHavana, April 29   Temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius have been reported for several days in Cuba, with several absolute maximum heat peaks, today said Dr. Jose Rubiera, head of the Center for Weather Forecasts Institute.

The sharp rise of temperatures in the Caribbean country is due to the predominance of clear skies, favoring intense solar radiation, and the presence of a flow of weak southern winds, the specialist said.
Last Sunday went to weather statistics as one of the hottest days of the last five decades in Cuba, breaking three absolute maximum temperature records, and reporting values above 35 degrees Celsius in 23 meteorological stations, Prensa Latina News Agency reported.

The new heat records were registered in the city of Holguin and the town of Velasco, located in the namesake eastern province, where thermometers hit 38.7 degrees, only one tenth of the national heat record of 38.8 degrees, established in 1999. This could be the second highest value reported in Cuba officially.

In the Casablanca station in Havana, there were maximum temperatures of 37.0, the highest measured in Cuba’s capital since 1909,  which left behind the previous 36.3-record of October 2009.

According to Masters in Sciences Armando Caymares and specialist Yiganis Cedeño of the Center for Weather Forecasts Institute, other remarkable peaks occurred in Guaro, Mayari, with 38.0; La Jíquima, 37.8; and Sagua la Grande, 37.0 (records for the month of April).

According to experts, the intense heat experienced this month does not mean a prelude to what will happen in July and August, when summer is at its peak, because the behavior of the weather depends on the specific weather conditions affecting each period.