Hillary says sí to Cuba

havana-live-hillary-clintonClinton sees the future

HAVANA, 15 June Former Secretary of State and future likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke welcome ground by calling for the United States to move toward ending the Cuban embargo.
Never before has a political figure with a credible claim on the White House spoken in favor of abandoning the trade blockade imposed almost 54 years ago in hope of toppling Fidel Castro. Opposition among Cubans in the key electoral state of Florida was too intense to allow for even a hint of softening. Now, though, the maturing of new generations of Cubans who are less hard-line has opened the door to overhauling our relationship with a still repressive Cuban regime that has been forced to take tiny steps toward economic liberalization. Clinton sees a chance to deprive the Cuban government of the ability to cast the U.S. as an enemy while further opening Cuban society.
Across the ideological spectrum, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sees trade opportunities for American businesses that are presently going to other countries. Ending the embargo would be win-win.