Heavy rains relieve drought situation in Cuba

Heavy rains relieve drought situation in Cuba

HAVANA,  Jun 12 (ACN) A total of 146.2 millimeters (mm) of rainfall have accumulated in Cuba in the first 10 days of this month, which represents 75 % of the historical average for June, according to specialists from the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH).

According to Argelio Fernandez Richelme, director of Hydrology and Hydrogeology of the INRH, it has rained in many places where there was a need for rain, and this has allowed the increase of water accumulated in the reservoirs, vital for the supply of water to the population and economic activities.

The volume of water retained in the reservoirs, at the close of June 10, at 16:00 hours, is 5,829.81 million cubic meters (m3), 63.6% of the national filling capacity, which represents an increase of more than 1,600 million cubic meters in relation to the volume of water retained on June 1, he said.

Rainfalls have been heavy, especially in the eastern region, where the highest record is evidenced: 211.3 mm (141 % of the historical average), said the executive, who also emphasized that as a consequence of these rains, the population and the national economy have been affected by flooded areas.

In the case of the western and central regions of the country, explained Fernandez Richelme, they have averaged 53.9 mm, 23% of the historical average, and 159.1 mm, 76%, respectively.

Regarding the western region, the executive stated that, although it has not rained much in comparison with other areas of the country if it continues to rain as it has been raining up to now, it is expected to reach the average.