Heaven on earth

Heaven on earthHAVANA, Nov 16 (Oncuba) A Malecón de La Habana that does not contain the sea, but is a viewpoint of clouds. The city itself flooded with white vapors … Gabriel Guerra Bianchini fantasizes, to break “the damn circumstance”.

“Grant me the desire to bring you even if it’s a horizon,” the photographer asks. “Let me fill this square with clouds, they are my utopia, the horizon and hope.”

The clouds are those that have been photographed for a long time, the square is the one of the Cathedral of Havana, which in the 498 years that the city meets today, opens as an open-air gallery.

Ten gigantografias make up “… It’s hope”; for Bianchini, his “most longed for personal exhibition”. The works, printed on canvas, occupy the arches of the traditional Havana plaza.
Heaven on earth

The creation process, Gabriel explains, is very simple. “It’s about the superposition of two photos, two spaces. The clouds that I have collected for years and spaces of my Havana with their characters “. Also try that “each cloud fits, both in the direction in which the light is shown and its tones”.

Why clouds? “In the midst of so much chaos,” says Gabriel, “to draw an axis with immensity is to remember how small we are, how insignificant this brokerage is, how simple are the things that really matter, and that calm that lives beyond.”

The photographer of the naked elegance of Havana, goes back to the city as a set. Aspire art that is on the street and wants to be part of that movement. This time he is pleased, in addition, that it is “precisely in one of the most visited places in Cuba”. He wants to bet that art is “within the reach of the citizen, of the neighbor of the space he occupies, of everyone.

Without being enclosed by any wall. That it can get wet with the rain, sleep in the open and be an unexpected surprise for the walker “.Heaven on earth

Gabriel Guerra keeps a constant update on his Facebook page, where the preparation of this exhibition has been able to be followed almost in detail; from its conception to its assembly, including the printing of each of the works.
Heaven on earth
On the night of Wednesday, after the installation in the arches of the Plaza, he published the photo of the first visitor: a stray cat.

“The exhibition already had its first visitor”. Photo: Gabriel Guerra Bianchini.
But it was not the only one. A couple left the church and went to look at the photographs. The photographer finished details. The man approached him to tell him that it seemed a “very Christian work”.

“Thank you for bringing heaven to earth,” he said.