Heartfelt barbers offer “free haircuts to people in real need”

Heartfelt barbers offer “free haircuts to people in real need”

HAVANA, Nov 26. In times of crisis, the lowest instincts of human beings emerge: there is, to prove it, the exponential increase in robberies, assaults and murders.that has destroyed the Cuban myth of citizen tranquility. But also in times of crisis, gestures of detachment in the most unusual spaces are surprising in gratitude for the laudable intention of this group of young people.

“We are a new project,” user Bryayan Julbe published as a presentation in the El Vedado Facebook group today. We give away free haircuts to people who are really in need: the elderly, pensioners, the physically disabled, and homeless people on the street.

We invite you to help us by reaching out to these people who do not have the resources to receive a haircut. We will be next Saturday at the Línea y L park fair.”

The text in the original publication has provoked more than 200 comments and has been shared more than 700 times, data that illustrates the impact of what some may see as a simple advertisement, but which the majority of Internet users have interpreted as “a beautiful humanitarian work”, according to Ana Bertha Rodríguez.

Other Facebook users have suggested to these unique barbers that they not only stay in public and central places but that they reach nursing homes and nursing homes, grandparents’ homes, psychiatric hospitals, spaces where an increasingly vulnerable and precarious population converges.

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The initiative also stimulated controversy around charity in a scenario like Cuba’s, where for decades the State denied the existence of the same poverty that today seems to undermine the foundations of society.

“Initiatives like these are the hope of a country, but this is not a solution at all,” said Alejandra Pino, an assertion that generated bitter confrontations between those who defend the government’s responsibility at all costs and those who opt for small actions of this nature. as a partial solution to the problems that suffocate Cubans today.

As a humorous touch in the middle of the debate, user Leonel Suárez slipped an observation that would be a joke, if it weren’t really so serious: “Now for December we need to create the group Butchers of the Heart, for the millions of old people who are not going to to be able to eat a piece of meat.”