Havanatur once again in the eye of criticism for its “invitation” to the beaches of Miami

Havanatur once again in the eye of criticism for its “invitation” to the beaches of Miami

HAVANA, Jan. 21st. “Travel to Miami this January and enjoy charter flights. Discover the beautiful beaches and the warm climate of the city of the sun,” announced the popular travel agency Havanatur, at its headquarters in the north-eastern part of the country, as if it were as easy for Cubans to go to the United States as if it were It is common for anyone who lives in Cuba to decide to go for tourism and take a “dip.” The offer does not apply to all types of customers.

The state agency, in charge of marketing charter flights to the United States in Cuba, despite the position of the Cuban state against the White House government and the exile community, intensely promotes the destinations of Tampa and Houston.

«Travel to the United States this new year with our charter flights. “Choose us and enjoy an unforgettable experience!” they publish. With the bonus that they have “free flights” to Miami every day from the city of Holguín, and “special offers for our valued clients,” they promote.

We understand that these offers are not for everyone. Only a few can access them. Above all, those who have the possibility of leaving Cuba without so many restrictions, which is a minority.

But being an agency of the Cuban government, it is worth asking what its interest is: promoting the elite? Play with the needs of the Cubans? Does the post-offer generate a wave of comments?

Very recently, just in December, Havanatur “ventured” to publish an end-of-year advertisement in which the protagonist was Santa Claus.


The criticism came very quickly. Images made with artificial intelligence were published on their networks, showing Santa Claus sitting on the beach smoking a cigarette, with tropical fruits and in front of a vintage American car, even giving gifts on the steps of the Capitol.

Officials and pro-government journalists said it was shameful: “It is not our identity,” they explained. The post, to avoid further confrontations, was removed shortly after.